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Pass the NAPLEX Exam


NAPLEX exam is the most important test in the career of a pharmacist. Without a passing score, all those years of schooling and hard work won't amount to anything. Make sure you're ready for the NAPLEX exam by letting PharmD Prep
 help you prepare.

PharmD offers complete NAPLEX exam curriculum that is designed to help pharmacy students prepare for the NAPLEX test thoroughly and efficiently.  All of PharmD's practice NAPLEX questions have been developed by board certified professionals with years of experience helping students pass the NAPLEX.

PharmD believes that pharmacy students learn best when they're not simply asked to memorize but rather to understand the concepts that they're being questioned on. That is why PharmD NAPLEX review system features more than practice questions and answers. Our system also includes complete explanations for how to solve the questions so that students can pass NAPLEX the first time.

PharmD's NAPLEX practice tests are available any time of the day or night via the internet. Students don't have to worry about fitting a class into their tight schedules or studying when it isn't convenient. With PharmD's online NAPLEX review, you can study for NAPLEX according to your own schedule. Plus, since NAPLEX exams are only offered as computer-based tests, you'll be practicing for the exam in the same format that you'll actually take it.

NAPLEX Board Review for Students

With over 1000 NAPLEX preparation questions, PharmD's NAPLEX practice tests are the perfect solution for effectively and affordably studying for the NAPLEX exam. We offer a variety of review packages to help students study according to their own timeline at a reasonable rate. Use the PharmD database of questions for a few weeks or six months prior to your exam -- either way, you won't have to spend a fortune to pass NAPLEX the first time you take it.

NAPLEX Review for Schools & Administrators

PharmD offers NAPLEX review services to pharmacy schools at an affordable rate. With PharmD's regularly updated database of practice NAPLEX tests, you can help your students improve their pass rate and thereby improve the retention rate of your pharmacy program.

A problem that many pharmacy students face when taking the NAPLEX is that they forget the basic concepts they were taught in the beginning of their schooling. By implementing PharmD's NAPLEX review system into your curriculum, you can help your students refresh their knowledge and prepare for the specific style and content of the NAPLEX exam. Remember, the better your students do, the better your school does.

Why Choose PharmD?

The PharmD team is made up of board certified professionals with first-hand knowledge of the NAPLEX exam. Our database of practice questions is updated once every month to ensure quality curriculum designed to help students pass NAPLEX now. With affordable rates and top-notch curriculum, there is no better choice for NAPLEX exam review than PharmD.

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